Finance Technology (FINTECH)

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    Become an expert in the Fintech Revolution, learn in-demand skills and technological factors that reshape the modern financial world such as cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, Machine Learning, AI and Big Data During the program, you will deep dive into the world of Fintech understand the technical nuances and concepts. After successful completion of the program, the learner will be equipped to associate with companies in their journey to building a pathway towards better, more futuristic financial institutions.

Who should attend?

  • Seasoned Professionals from Finance, IT or other fields who want to fast track their career in the Fintech industry
  • Graduates / Students who are planning to kickstart their career in Fintech

Key Benefits​

  • Learning from the stalwarts in the Fintech industry
  • Practical Learning through actual Fintech cases
  • Engage in collaborative projects with industry experts
  • Fintech Business Simulations to prepare you for real world

Course Outcomes

  • Know the factors that contributed to the emergence of Fintech
  • Understand the Fintech ecosystem
  • Be aware of the models of bank engagement with Fintech firms
  • Appreciate the opportunities and risks posed by Fintech
  • Understand how AI and machine learning are changing Fintech
  • Be aware of the challenges around ethics and regulation of using customer data and Artificial Intelligence
  • Appreciate the role of traditional banks and Fintech companies in economies

Course Outline

  • Market size and growth – Key players in the ecosystem and industry dynamics
  • Fintech investments – follow the money – What types of collaborations exist?
  • Tech giants – Financial innovation in 2019 and beyond
  • Global Fintech Hubs – Global social impact of Fintech and the global collaborations
Fintech capital and investments
  • Fintech financing ladder
  • Angels, VC and Corporate Venturing
  • Unicorns
  • Fintech case studies
  • New business models such as crowdfunding and peer-2 -peer lending
  • New customer propositions such as Robo-Advisory
  • New business-2-business Fintech solutions to drive efficiency
Financial technologies applied to leading industries
  • WealthTECH – Innovation across the asset management, investing and private banking
  • InsurTECH – Innovation across the global insurance industry
  • RegTECH – Innovation across regulatory compliance
  • Explaining the context of Fintech Tech and how it is applied in each industry and opportunity
Blockchain technology applications in Finance
  • Taxonomies of blockchain technologies
  • Alternative applications of distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) in Finance: ICOs
  • Settlement coins, etc. (benefits and strategy)
  • Critique of blockchain tech and DLTs (risks)

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Finance Technology (FINTECH)
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