Telecom Cost Modelling

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    Learn the key concepts of practical telecom pricing. In this course, participants will learn to perform price analysis and cost analysis and fnancial modeling to determine price reasonableness in accordance with telecom authorities. This course is designed for personnel involved in establishing or modifying the price or cost of telecom services and products.

Who should attend?

  • Business managers and leaders who are materially involved at any point in a product’s lifecycle, from cradle-to-grave
  • Those who may be directly responsible for product or portfolio strategy, or who play a more indirect role such as in sales, marketing, operations, finance
  • R&D Professionals wanting to take on a more formal product management role.

Course Outcomes

  • List financial terminology applied to telecom service providers
  • Explain telecom operators’ cost, financial models and pricing models
  • Determine how cost analysis shall be used and applied
  • Explain telecom financial analysis and performance measurement
  • Describe the role of telecommunications regulatory authorities, operating companies applied to cost and price Analysis
  • List telecom price and cost ratio analysis techniques
  • Describe best practices for telecom budgeting and forecasting

Course Outline

Fundamentals of Telecom Pricing
  • Principles of telecom products and services
  • Identifying telecom pricing and cost objectives
  • Identifying approaches to telecom pricing
  • Identifying target participants and stakeholders in the price, cost and financial analysis
  • Conducting market research for telecom price analysis
  • Techniques using market research to estimate probable telecom prices
  • Introduction to cost or manageria
Fundamentals of Telecom Financial Analysis
  • Ratios and metrics
  • Financial strategic planning and capital budgeting
  • Principles of financial forecasting and economic value added mode
  • Capital Investment proposals and projects
  • Income tax and capital investments
  • Balance sheet analysis
  • DuPont formula
  • Income statement analysis
  • Past performance and project outcomes
  • Telecom trend analysis
  • Telecom products and services cost factors
  • Price evaluation preferences
  • Comparing telecom services and product prices
  • Calculating consumers and businesses should-Pay price
  • Techniques to calculate telecom price index number
  • Price-Volume analysis and modeling
Advanced Techniques for Telecom Budgeting
  • Regulations to negotiated contracts and subcontracts
  • Contract cost principles and procedures
  • Fundamental quantitative pricing skills
  • Telecom cost analysis techniques
  • Telecom cost accounting standards
Forecasting and Influences
  • Big data, analytics and forecasting techniques
  • Pricing influences
  • Quality vs. competition
  • Elasticity of demand
  • Fixed and variable cost modeling
  • Cost Function and transfer pricing

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Telecom Cost Modelling
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