Optical Fiber Connection and Installation Program

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    In today’s high-tech world, certification is considered proof of professional status and knowledge and is often a pre-requisite for employment in specialist companies. This first level of the fiber optic certification provides the essential practical and theoretical knowledge necessary to work in today’s diversified telecommunications industry.
    This program will provide the necessary underpinning knowledge of fiber optics but at the same time with emphasis on the core practical skills required of today’s technicians. Participants are prepared for work in any field utilizing advanced fiber optic technologies. After passing this course, technicians will be competent to install, terminate, test and troubleshoot a wide range of optical fiber networks in both internal and external environments.

Course outcomes

  • Learn optical fiber communications basics
  • Understand optical fiber networks
  • Learn occupational safety requirements
  • Understand the different types and standards related to optical fiber, such as: G651 to G657, OM 1, 2, 3, & 4
  • Understand how an optical fiber network is built up
  • Practice cable preparation, color codes
  • Use of different types of fiber splicing equipment including mechanical and fusion splicing techniques
  • Practice network pre-test & basic post testing methods

Who should attend?

    Anyone who wishes to have a basic understanding fiber optic communication and those intending to learn the practical skills associated with installation and basic testing of optical fiber networks

Course Outline

Fiber optic communications
  • What is a laser
  • Classification of lasers & their use
  • Live fiber identification
  • Visual fault identification
  • Fiber handling
  • Volatile liquid handling
Fiber optic networks
  • Legacy networks
  • CATV (HFC)
  • Metro core
  • FTTx LAN
  • Health and safety
  • LASER safety
  • Fiber disposal
  • Glass fiber handling
  • Liquid storage
Cable preparation
  • Preparation for splicing
  • Color code
  • Arrangement in the fiber tray and closures
  • Different closure types
  • Different cable jointing techniques
Emerging Technologies
  • Broadband Technologies
  • Voice and data integration
  • Cable
  • Mobile Wireless/GSM/CDMA/CDMA2000/UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+/LTE,5G NR, 5GC
  • Mobile
  • Role of WiFi in 5G•
  • Techniques of splicing
  • Fusion splicing
  • Mechanical splicing
Types of optical fiber
  • Multimode & Single mode
  • Underground, overhead, tight buffer and brakeout cord
  • Single, loose tube & ribbon cables

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Optical Fiber Connection and Installation Program
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