The GSMA, in partnership with Ooredoo and The Telecoms & Digital Technologies Academy (TDTA), have organized on October 17th & 18th , an exclusive delivery of the GSMA’s exclusive training course Principles of Mobile Privacy & Digital Economy and Cloud Adoption workshop

Day1, Principles of Mobile Privacy Course Objectives:

• Understand the facets of mobile privacy, data protection and consumer trust.
• Consider the role of mobile operators, internet content providers and consumers in respecting and protecting the privacy of consumers.
• Discover how regulation can be applied effectively to protect consumer privacy in a converged world.

Day2, Digital Economy and Cloud Adoption workshop:

 The aim of this workshop was to consider the foundations for the digital economy in the GCC. Digital Economy was addressed as an important building block which will have a major impact on national Data Protection legislations in the region. The workshop also discussed the argument that although governments have legitimate concerns in terms of data protection and security, a balance must be found which seeks to address these concerns without adversely affecting growth of the digital economy. It explored what other countries have done and what additionally can be done in the region. Local and regional policy makers and industry stakeholders participated in this workshop.