Policies & Strategies in Telecommunication Sector

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    As in many other industries, regulators of the telecommunications industry have aimed to bring affordable products and services to the general public, while at the same time allowing participating companies to make adequate profits. As the world considers new regulatory approaches to electronic communications, this course explains what the new legislation means for the evolution of the telecoms industry, both now and in the future. The course aims to question some aspects of conventional regulatory approaches, onthe grounds that they risk losing some of the full benefits of the networked economy and consid-ers the big regulatory challenges that lie ahead.

Who should attend?

    Regulators and policymakers: To understand the limitations of Telecom policies and strategic regulation’ for broadband telecoms and how regulation will need to evolve to maximize innovation in infrastructure, services and applications.

Course Outcomes

  • Telecom Act of 1996
  • Role of ILECs/IXCs/Wireless Operators/Cable MSOs/CLECs
  • Broadcasting and Cable Regulations
  • Digital Terrestrial Television Regulations
  • Interconnection Issues
  • Internet Regulations
  • Local Loop Unbundling Regulations
  • VoIP Regulations
  • The economic benefits of the networked economy

Course Outline

Key statistics and market overview
  • Key market statistics
  • Trends and Change in the industry
  • Local competition services
  • Regulatory Overview
Major operators
  • Telecom operators overview
  • Local operators
  • Long-distance
  • Call back resellers
  • Major players
  • Multi Utilities Markets Utilities and the Internet
Broadband networks and services
  • Other cable ISPs
  • Regulatory issues
  • Road runner
Fixed network voice services
  • Long-distance market
  • International market
  • IP Telephony
  • Internet IP networks
  • Major players
Regulatory issues
  • The broadband value chain
  • Broadband regulatory vision
  • Proposed regulatory vision
  • Regulatory change underway in the U.S
  • Legacy regulation
Internet and online market
  • Internet and applications developments
  • Next generation Internet
  • Threats to the Internet
  • Internet regulations

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Policies & Strategies in Telecommunication Sector
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