Sales promoter- Employment Training

    Sales promoter course is designed for individuals who want to scale up there career in the field of sales. Under this course you will be trained on essential skills that are required to become a great sales promoter.

Who should attend?

  • Sales person
  • People interested in building there career in the field of sales
  • Sales executives

Course Outcomes​

    After completing our training a sales promoter will be able to perform following with ease:

  • Visits people and shops and sends invitations explaining the purpose of the visit and providing details of  services.
  • Provided by the party in whose interest he works, indicating the prices Benefits and terms of dealing.
  • Studies requests and submits them to his administration.
  • Distributes flyers and promotional forms.
  • Compare the types of products or services it provides and what Similar to other parties.
  • Executes and supervises the delivery and display of merchandise in a commerce environment retail.
  • Receives payment and registers new subscriptions.
  • Monitors the application of occupational health and safety instructions.
  • Executes what is assigned to him in the field of work.

Course Outline

Essential skills for a Sales Promoter
  • Information technology
  • Etiquette
  • Safety and Security
  • Mathematical calculations
Selling skills
  • Inspection and shipment of goods
  • Delivery of goods to customers according to the itinerary
  • Executing Sales Operations
Marketing skills
  • Marketing
  • Debt Collection
Auxiliary skills
  • English for business
  • Accounting and bookkeeping

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Sales promoter- Employment Training
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