Practitioner Certificate in Business Analysis Practice

    Our BCS accredited Business Analysis Practice course will give you an in-depth understanding and first-hand experience in utilising some of the fundamental tools and techniques needed by effective business analysts, and also what the role actually does, and what a business analyst is capable of covering.
    You can take your career to the next level by understanding and learning how to fully support business change. This course forms one of the steps required to gain a BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis.

Who should attend?

    There is a wide audience for this Practitioner certification in Business Analysis Practice.
    It can be for individuals who already have a background in business analysis and want to gain a more in-depth knowledge of the tools and techniques used by the business analyst, those people who want to make a career change and move into the ever-growing world of business analysis, or those people working towards the International Diploma in Business Analysis.

    It is also suitable for any business analysts, business managers, members of the businesses team, project managers, and even change managers.

Course Outline

What is the BCS Practitioner Certificate in Business Analysis Practice course?

    The BCS Practitioner Certificate in Business Analysis Practice is the most popular practitioner certificate in the business analysis portfolio. The aim of this certification is to enable learners to progress in their career and give the opportunity of progression from the Foundation Certificate.

    This course covers integral components of a business analysts “pre-project” work, enabling the candidate to consider business strategy when implementing business change to ensure that solutions are effective, feasible and aligned to customer needs and strategic goals.

    If you intend to take this course as part of the BCS Business Analysis certification pathway to work towards the International Diploma in Business Analysis, then this forms one of the required modules to complete to progress to diploma level.

What does the Business Analysis Practice certificate cover?

    The Practitioner Certificate in Business Analysis Practice provides candidates with a well-rounded knowledge of the skills required in pre-project work.On completion of this course, candidates will be able to:

  • Analyse, understand and engage different stakeholders
  • Understand the importance of design thinking and customer-centric approaches
  • Analyse the current situation and identify potential solutions
  • Undertake GAP analysis
  • Develop a business case
  • Understand strategic context and the value of an organisations vision
  • Analyse and model business activities
  • Understand how business strategy is developed
  • How to identify opportunities for business improvement through best practice analysis techniques and approaches
  • Identify risks and their potential impact

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Practitioner Certificate in Business Analysis Practice