Practitioner Certificate in Requirements Engineering

    Our BCS accredited Practitioner certificate in Requirements Engineering will teach you how to take a systematic approach to being able to fully engineer corrective requirements according to the standards in place. This will allow you to elicit, analyse, validate, manage, and fully document requirements through their life-cycle.
    If you have decided to take the course as part of the International Diploma in Business Analysis, then this forms one of the required modules to complete to progress to diploma level.

Who should attend?

    There is a wide audience for this Requirements Engineering certification.

    It can be for individuals who already have a background in business analysis and want to gain a more in-depth knowledge of the tools and techniques used by the business analyst, those people who want to make a career change and move into the ever-growing world of business analysis, or those people working towards the International Diploma in Business Analysis.

    It is also suitable for any business analysts, business managers, members of the businesses team, project managers, and even change managers.

    This would also suit any person or organisations that want to learn how to do requirements better.

Course Outline

    Requirements Engineering and stakeholder engagement is one of the key fundamental issues in today’s competitive market. Research has shown that these areas are key in a project or programmes success or even failure.
    This course gives the user the right tools and techniques to perform these key activities in accordance with a internationally approved standard approach to help organisations increase their maturity.
    If you want to learn how to take a rigorous approach to requirements, how to engage key stakeholders, and to enabled to develop business and IT solutions, then this course is for you. In addition to this you will learn and gain knowledge in:
  • The full requirements engineering process
  • The hierarchy of requirements
  • How to identify stakeholders in the requirements process
  • How to elicit requirements
  • Modelling, designing and analysing requirements
  • Requirements management

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Practitioner Certificate in Requirements Engineering